How To Become a Coffee Lover

There is no certain way to enjoy coffee. Some might be just fine as long as they have coffee, others might like trying new coffee recipes, or a few wants to brew professional quality coffee at home. There are even coffee equipment collectors who have an espresso machine, a siphon brewer, or even a roaster. But before you get deeply into coffee, where is a good place to start?

Finding Favorite Coffee

cup of coffeeIf you would be satisfied with your favorite coffee, the easiest way is to go to near by coffee shops to look for your favorite taste. At this stage, it is important to just enjoy what you can enjoy. If you don’t like black, but you like sweet creamy one, put some sugar and cream inside.

As you drink coffee more, you will find your preference like whether you like fuller or lighter bodied one. That’s when you should ask the barista what he/she would recommend based on our preference. If you can’t find the favorite flavor at the coffee shop, your preference probably doesn’t match the style of the shop. If luckily you could find your favorite coffee at chain store, it would be conveniently available at other locations. There maybe slight difference in flavor, but at least it would be pretty close to your favorite.

Try Various Coffee

Once you get dipped in the world of coffee, you can’t help seeing various coffee. By going to numerous different stores and try different menues, you would be in touch with various roasting profiles, varietals, origins, and brewings.

If you wonder how difference in coffee preparation makes difference in flavor, having one sip of black coffee every time you get coffee. Characteristics of coffee usually hidden behind cream and sugar are easier to pick up this way. After the sip, drink it with milk and syrup or any way you want.

Trying out different cafes is a real joy for coffee lovers. But I would recommend that you would go to various kind of coffee shops rather than chains like Starbucks and Peet’s. Also many shops source beans from major third-wave coffee bean suppliers like Inteligentsia and Stumptown. Once baristas get to a certain level of skills, as long as beans are the same, their flavor variation in coffee tends to be close. To try wide range of variation, finding shops which roast coffee in house is the way.

Checking out Yelp and other gourmet reviews is useful. Reviews you read could guide you to finding your favorite coffee house.

Good Coffee at Home

Finding your favorite coffee roaster is the best way to have good coffee at home. Lacking coffee brewing sills could be mostly covered with good fresh roasted coffee bean, however; the other way around isn’t easy. If you just wanna drink decent cup at convenience, using a coffee maker or espresso machine might serve you. This way, you get to enjoy a steady cup quality as you desire. One thing that you have to remember is that the freshness of coffee doesn’t last long. so just buy the amount you could finish within two weeks to one month at most.

Brewing Coffee Yourself

Brewing coffee on your own gives you more joy and appreciation towards coffee. The hand brewed coffee is supreme. It’s not just psychological effect. The maker gives steady results, in another words, it limits the subtle adjustment and possibility of the coffee. The manual brewing could be adjusted in any way, so you can choose brewing method based on the characteristics of the coffee bean you have.

Out of many brewing methods, hand drip(pour-over) is recommended. It is very easy way to brew, at the same time, it has infinite depth one can never literally master. The equipment is very inexpensive. A drip cone and a set of filter paper could be bought for $10-20. Of course if you look for some specific types of drippers, they cost more.

A drip pot is next to essential to brew good coffee. Some people modify regular kettle or tea pot, but the getting a drip pot wouldn’t be bad idea considering the positive contribution of it. Controlling water pouring onto the grounds determines the resulting cup.

Another adequate item is a grinder. The freshness of coffee is very important, and ground coffee gets oxidized much faster than whole bean. Once you try freshly grinded coffee, you will understand it in an instant. If there is no need for a large amount of ground coffee at once, hand coffee mill could be a good choice. Cheap blades-type electric grinders don’t make even grounds. A decent quality bur grinder could be pretty pricey, so hand mill is a good choice as the first one.

Once you get to this point, your passion(Coffee Addiction) towards coffee is self-sustained(unstoppable). Your knowledge, barista skills, equipments, and cupping skills continuously improve.


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